WiFi hacking in Cloud Video Course - Review

(Hardeep Singh) #1

I’ve been updating the private forum ( ClassRoom for Securing the Spectrum students) and people are loving the content.

Some are setting up their own lab for WiFi hacking on AWS and some are just following the walkthrough on their local hardware.

And one person like the ambience enough to share a few words :slight_smile:

If you are interested in WiFi Pentesting and Security, have a look at the content of the course that we are going to cover in the ClassRoom.

Description: https://rootsh3ll.com/wireless-security-video-course/

Even if you are not professionally inclined towards wireless security but want to learn for fun. use this place (THIS forum) as a helping hand.

We have a lot of topics covered under the #WiFi category and you can also download the beginner friendly eBook: https://rootsh3ll.com/klwps

It’s free of charge and you can start learning today. Ask questions here, help others.

Just keep learning my @hackers :slight_smile: