WhiteHat Hacking for Intermediate Programmers


Hello everyone,
I already have some programming experience (I‘d consider myself an intermediate or slightly above intermediate programmer) but don‘t have any experience with hacking. Since everyone is talking about Python being a good start off, and I only write Java code, I wonder if I‘d be better off learning Python too. Please feel free to share any advice or experiences you made! :smile:


Good news: since both Python and Java are object based, python will be extremely easy for you to learn. You should also learn some C/C++/C# depending on what you end up writing. As far as hack related applications, it’s great for building your own networking tools or other scripts.


Tanks a lot for your reply. That‘s quite reassuring, I just don’t really know where to start, how to start and which skills are important (or for what exactly). For example I don’t know why it’s practical to know multiple programming languages to hack… I‘m a complete hacking newbie.

(Kyle Nehman) #4

Check out https://learnxinyminutes.com/ for quick run downs on languages. It’s good to be familiar with multiple languages and paradigms for the sake of understanding how the people who write software write it, and why. For anything memory related you’ll find that C knowledge is more useful than Java for example, since C has gotten you accustomed to weird pointer and memory manipulation.