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(Ace Sharpless) #21

Thanks for the invite! I came across this site a while ago, can’t remember what I was doing at the time. I seem to remember this site offering SSH tunnels??? Maybe not… Anyways I’ve been involved in IT and Security now for about 15 years. Mostly as a hobby, have made some money off of it. No steady work or career. Always been a General Laborer as my day job. Looking forward to meeting some new people and gaining some new knowledge and maybe sharing some of what I’ve picked up over the years. Not very good at introductions but here it is :laughing: Again thanks for the personal invite!

(Hardeep Singh) #22

I hope you have a great time here meeting new people and learning new things InfoSec, but man! we’v never talked about SSH tunnels here neither made any offering like that.

The closest thing to SSH tunnel was simple SSH access to the WiFi hacking cloud labs. :sweat_smile:

but anyway we can do that too. if you are willing to learn :slight_smile:

Since you are here for 15 years in this industry you might find our #wirelessphysics101 series very interesting for either learning or as a way of self expression.
I would love it if you have a look at the first topic and provide suggestions. go to this tag #wirelessphysics101

(feyagm) #23

Hello, my name is not important. I work as penetration tester for almost 3 years now. I play CTF on hackthebox platform as well as from vulnhub. Right now, i want to learn deeply about wifi networks. I have constant need for learning and improving myself and from the first look, this website contains a lot information i can learn from. Thanks for invite ! All best.

(Hardeep Singh) #24

I have an eBook that you can find helpful in learning WiFi Hacking as a beginner. I have it for free download on my main site. You can have a copy here: https://rootsh3ll.com/klwps

Some of the content might be outdated as Kali keeps getting updated. So, feel free to ask questions here for further help. Or share any new discovery you enjoyed during your new venture :slight_smile:

Hope you have a good time here. Welcome to the Member’s Area @feyagm !