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Hi. I am Harry, founder of rootsh3ll.com

I am among the millions who hack, failed and kept practicing with no motive to earn, but to learn. Just like any other noob, I also started the Black Hat way.

Sooner I realized that we humans are already eating the planet up, fighting each other, more than any other species and I should use his skills for the better. All I had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to and a love of teaching.
And once discovered, I consistently kept resigning from my comfort zone and to share all
my learnings and small researches with the community. It is this very urge of helping people
and doing something good for the society that inspired me to start rootsh3ll.com
It is my diligent focus, the great support of my family and the faith of my friends that keeps
me going.
I share my work and in-depth Penetration Testing articles on my blog. I am also a C|EH (Certified Ethical hacker) from EC-Council.

Would like to introduce yourself to the community? Feel free to answer the questions of your choice:

  • Introduction?
  • What was your first hacking attempt?
  • What is your profession?
  • Any suggestions for beginners (links, resources, etc)?

I’d love to know all about it. :slight_smile:

either way, Keep Learning…

-Harry (@rootsh3ll)


Hi I’m Perihwk a Junior in software engineering and budding hacker. I have been participating in cyber defense competitions for a couple of years now and have managed to get a pretty solid handle on securing a network. I am still working on exploiting vulnerabilities I find and leveraging them to pivot to other components through participating (getting owned) in CTF’s and I just started solving VulnHub challenges as well.

My first hacking attempt was probably 10 years ago when I was staying at my grandma’s house. She didn’t have any Internet so I had spent a few hours at the local library trying to find a way to get myself administrator privileges on her mac in order to remove the parental controls that my uncle put onto the computer so that way I could use the computer as long as I wanted. I pretty much ran back and forth between her house and the library writing down different commands that I could try before I finally found one that worked and was able to reset the password. As a bonus I even found out that if I positioned myself perfectly in her kitchen I was able to get internet access and play RuneScape!

Originally I liked hacking because I thought it was cool to break into a system and wreck havoc for their poor sys admins. For example, when I was in high school the system administrators blocked realm of the mad god so that way we wouldn’t play games on the computers so I ended up setting my computer at home up as a proxy server so that I could access any site I wanted too. However, nowadays I am more interested in the challenges that hacking provides and the euphoria I get every time I solve one of those annoying challenges that I spend days attempting to finish.

I still consider myself a beginner so I’m not sure that I have any great suggestions other than to not get caught up in the dick measuring contest online. There will always be someone claiming that one tool or OS is better than another, but at the end of the day all that truly matters is the results. If you understand what a tool is doing and you are able to leverage that to get into a system then that’s enough for 90% of applications. The only really important thing is to use VIM and not emacs :smiley:

Oh also if you are going to be participating in a cyber defense competition focus on the most generic mitigations possible because it is nearly impossible to identify everything that the white team has tampered with on your systems and generally they won’t allow you to rebuild onto a known OS.


Hi my name is Nico I just used the username anon because it was available. I really don’t want to reveal much about myself aside that I’m 15.

My first attempt at hacking was a year or so ago when I made a kali Linux live USB stick to try and get into my neighbors wifi, I used scripts but was introduced to a whole new way of thinking and I want to learn more. Along side with hacking I’ve dabbled in a bit of coding and enjoyed it but lost interest quick due to boring videos and books (no offense to authors)

I’m still a beginner but I really want to learn more and expand my knowledge. I like hacking because it’s the feeling that comes with knowing how a certain thing works and to know it’s ins and outs and I feel like it’ll be a good skill set to have

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Welcome to the Member’s Area @perihwk
10 years is a lot of time. It’s funny to see that while you were running back and forth from house to library you were actually playing Run-eScape in real life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But seriously, you have that urge to learn that I really liked.

I thought it was cool to break into a system and wreck havoc for their poor sys admins

I used to do the same in my early college days. We had computer labs where admin access was restricted and since I am a Linux user I needed full control over my(assigned) machine. So I used the installed Linux OS on the lab computer and reset the windows password from there, since USBs were also restricted. it was really fun to have full control over the system. I used to use those lab machines to download stuff at high speeds that I couldn’t download on my hostel WiFi. Once I shutdown the library management system from my hostel room. and did many other things that gave me a kick to learn more and more…

That’s the whole point of rootsh3ll.com, I couldn’t emphasise this more. But this is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that beginners do not understand that they should understand what is going on behind the scenes and how a tool works so that they can evel write their own code in case their favorite tool goes berserk!
But they should code that in VIM and not emacs :smiley:

Thanks for you advices also. Hope some beginner CTF enthusiast finds this tip helpful.

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Hi Nico, Welcome to the forum.
It’s great to see that you started at age 14. such a delicate age. I, like most other people of my age didn’t even have a thought of doing something like this. operating a computer was a big thing for me when I first got it at age 15.
Also glad to see that you are more inclined towards learning and exploring things their mechanics and not just using tools to get your job done.

All the best buddy, hope you have a good time and learning here :slight_smile:

Keep Learning…


Hey I’m Mu5ha,

I’m currently a sophomore in Computer Science. I’d consider myself a good programmer overall but when it comes to hacking and or exploiting code, I’m a complete noob.

So far my only “hacking” attempts were years ago and they accumulate to that of complete script kiddies, following certain terminal commands and executing already prewritten code. However it didn’t work and usually my paranoia of being caught stopped me in my tracks.

I’d love to learn, I’m still a student after all and in a world where hacking is treated like a super power, it’d be foolish not to try and claim it!


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Hey @Mu5ha,
really appreciate your response. being an absolute beginner you still tried to articulate yourself and the way you think about hacking. really appreciable.
This will not only encourage more and more beginners to open up but share their thoughts more easily. so thanks a lot for this.

every one starts as a noob or a script kiddie. what matters is whether you transcend that stage of dependency whether in career or life this is what makes one real capable. and in our field capability comes from learning, which is your nature as it seems.
all the best for your career dear.
feel free to post and ask anything you need help with.
just don’t spread damage. better go off with virtualisation tools and test the attacks and defence mechanisms under your own setup. that’s sensible and well respected everywhere.

Keep learning… :wink:



Hello there. I’m new to this whole thing; I’ve had an internship and I’ve been learning security for about 7 months now. I’ve just been focusing on learning how to exploit, but I would like to get a job in AppSec and I know there’s more to it than just exploiting, but I don’t know what to study next. Can anyone recommend a good book or at least an area of focus? Right now it seems like there is this endless ocean of knowledge before me and I don’t know what to do. Thanks for any help. Oh, a little background: I have an engineering degree, I can code, but I haven’t done professional development.


Hey all, I’m Katy. I can’t afford to go to college at the moment, but I have some prior education in coding and I’m learning more from various resources on the web. I don’t have much experience with networking or hacking yet, but I do know that I want to go into computer science of some form, so for now I’m self-taught. I believe that cyber-security is going to become an incredibly important field (even moreso than it already is) in coming years, so even if I don’t end up going into pentesting (though I am quite interested in the possibility), I want to be somewhat knowledgeable about the field. My first experience hacking was when my dad was gifted a laptop by a family member. The laptop previously belonged to her (now deceased) spouse. The only issue was that the software licenses on said laptop had a not-insignificant monetary value, but nobody knew the password. I booted from an ubuntu disk and copied sethc.exe to another location, then copied cmd.exe and moved the copy to the old sethc.exe and reset the password from the windows login using the sticky keys shortcut, then moved the files back to their respective places.

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Welcome @aizy,
Follow this thread for helpful responses:

(Hardeep Singh) #11

Well, that’s quite a good start.
Welcome Katy. I hope you find this forum useful in coming time.

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Note the tag=rootsh3ll-20 that’s the unique ID for every link I get commission for. Hope you make a good use of it and help yourself and your father also.

All the best for your life and career and…
Keep Learning!


wow. That’s really cool. I just might have to set up an amazon affiliate on my work break later. Thanks!

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My name is “Maximus”. It’s not my real name, just a codename. Here’s how I began:

One and half Year ago, I was nothing but a butt of ridicule. Really, I don’t know what and how to do. I am 16. And I just passed my Matriculation Exams. Those Days I was learning about utilizing Kali. And i was so desperately looking for some WiFi-hacking tutorial. Then i found rootsh3ll on Google where all my little journey begins. I got connected to a Guy Name “Hardeep” who helped me a lot.

I don’t have the words to say thanks to him. He taught me how to do, how to hack. And he suggested me to learn Python which I did all the past year. I didn’t just learn. I started on practicing and learning Django Framework and Hacking. Then I got an awesome idea of developing my own site. I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript and it’s JQuery Library. Then i started without wasting my more time. Beleive me, at i did not feel quite as well cause my mind got stuck at various points. But i did not lose heart. I searched the answers to my all problems. Some were easy to solve and some were really difficult. Especially developing the Admin interface of my website. After 3 and a half month. I did it. I develop my own website. that lies here: Shellvoide

And now i am learning Black Hat Python and Creating Various Servers and shell. I just wanna say all of this because of only one man “HARDEEP SINGH

(Hardeep Singh) #14

Thanks a lot for such a warm response!!
Wasn’t quite expecting anything like that, seriously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Welcome to the Member’s Area @maximus :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
My name is Tom, im 20 years old and study Digital Forensics and Security at University (3rd year). I got into hacking surprisingly at school where I used to find exploits in my schools servers and abuse them a little bit (Not too much, just leave little notes for the technicians and the like). Started rolling online with a bunch of guys learning and experiencing different aspects of hacking. Realised after a while it is all I wanted to do, so now I am here :smiley:

Hoping to get my degree and pursue Ethical Hacking as a career.


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Welcome to the Member’s Area and the Hacker’s community @Koalaty. All the very best!
Would you suggest a few good books to learn DF and security? that’d be really helpful to a lot of people :blush:


Won’t share the downloads for them as unsure if you’d allow it of course, however, google is of course your friends peeps.:smiley:

Goes without saying this one:

I will update with more links later as I am at work currently :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi! I’m Jacob, I’m a 17-year old High School senior. I’ve been using computers for as long as I can remember and I’ve been programming and hacking since I was about 9 years old.
I’ve been majorly self-taught with the help of a few people on reddit, etc.

My first hack attempt was about 8 years ago when I started trying to shutdown my classmate’s computers remotely from my own after seeing a YouTube video that inspired me. It was a failed attempt, but it brought me into a whole new way of thinking at such an unbelievably young age. From there I started programming and by the time I was 13 I was steadily dabbling in exploit development. At this point, I’ve been learning more in-depth programming and reverse engineering, though I still consider myself a learner in exploit dev. I do feel, however, that I’ve been stuck in somewhat of a rut :confused:

I like hacking because it’s jsut such a rewarding feeling when you pop a box or execute your own shellcode. There’s just nothing like it.
My biggest tips for beginners would be to not toot your own horn, don’t lose focus, and if you don’t know code, you should learn. Also, if you’re at all interested in low-level hacking, learn assembly. I would be nowhere if I didn’t learn assembly when I was like 12.

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ayyee whats upp… thankx for the invitation :smile: my name mrkx call me fiz… and im noob on CyBer SeCuRiTy

anyway my ig mrkx ig dm me there

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Welcome to the community @mrkx Hope you have a good learning time here.

I would like you to have a look at this thread: https://members.rootsh3ll.com/t/70
Since you are a beginner, this is a thread that can help you deciding a path in Cyber Security and discovering new options as well :slight_smile: