Wassup people, need your opinion here!

(squishy) #1

im new at rootsh3ll and i was wondering is it just because im not a paying member that i cant see all the contents in a category like miscellaneous has 10 posts, wi-fi security has 8 and etc.?
Im quite interested in learning wireless penetration, so would love to know how good is the rootsh3ll wireless course compared to others from the paying members…


(Hardeep Singh) #2

Hi @squishy,

I am Harry, founder of rootsh3ll

Member’s Area is open to all, free and ad-free forum. You are seeing very few topics as I have re-started the community from the ghost town it was in since past one year.

There was indeed a special group for all the people who were originally the customers of the Kali Linux Wireless Pentesting and Security eBook. See @KLWPS group for details, but students liked to keep in touch personally via email only.
So, for the video course I am keeping a separate space altogether. It’s classroom.rootsh3ll.com, an invite only, private community and decided to keep Member’s Area free for all.

Since it is a fresh beginning of this community, I need people like you to post their queries and ask questions and topics they are interested in, and I’ll be happy to answer them all :slight_smile:

(squishy) #3

thanx for your reply @rootsh3ll , i appreciate it.

few questions that i would like to ask if you dont mind,
like your background, maybe certs u have and or work experiences if thats ok with you, coz im quite interested in the course but im having my doubts to whom to learn it, i been reading in the forum and you have an enormous knowledge on the topic.
my reason for asking this question is that individuals with rich knowledge plus experience tends to build there own brand based on their expertise which is backed by their experience. So, for me to get that one last push i would like to know these factors.


(Hardeep Singh) #4

I started with a C|EH in 2011 or 2012 then moved on to my own stuff (the wifi hacking, marketing my site, writing book, managing servers to keep sote fast and costs min. etc)for the most part. Last year I started working in a startup’s Security Operation Centre. I built the required SOC on AWS. and then worked for 8 months as lead analyst there.

About the video course I want you to know that course is being delayed every so often and you’d be highly disappointed if you join right now.
So, my advice to you for learning WiFi hacking would be go google stuff, ask questions, here or maybe on reddit. but ask!

All the courses on this topic are either too basic or outdated. No updated books either (Vivek ramachandran’s wireless security book is still a V. good choice) so don’t waste monet there either.
take the charge and start asking questions wherever you are stuck! I’ll be happier to help you out here on Member’s Area or on email (harry@rootsh3ll.com)

Keep learning :slight_smile:

(squishy) #5

thanx a lot, great u have clarified that and yep i’ll be keeping in touch here as im also interested in learning more stuff about wireless network. cheers!!

(Hardeep Singh) #6