[Security Zine] - Command Explainer with ASCII Art - Testing and Poll

(Hardeep Singh) #1
        ┌─ Listen for incoming connections.
        │          ┌──────── Redirection operator. Saves command's output 
        │          │         to following filename.
        ┴          │
netcat -l -p 12345 > file.pdf
           ┬ └─┬─┘   └──┬───┘
           │   │        └───────────── Output Filename
           │   └───── Port number
           └─ Specify Port number

I am looking for ways to explain the Linux commands in a much easier and efficient way to the beginners.

Do you like this way of explaning Linux commands?

  • Yes
  • No

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(D Man) #2

It looks simple and beautiful.

(Hardeep Singh) #3

Thanks for the response and the vote @blackcat

(Jennifer) #4

Very clear what each parts of the command do. Thanks.

(Hardeep Singh) #5

Thanks @jenniferbalestrieri. am also considering a few ways of representation like they do in comics.
I’ll be posting a few examples soon.

So you can share them with a beginner or just peint them out. Would love to see your and @blackcat’s response on that!

(Steven Wells) #6

Oooooh I bet I could implement an on the fly version that would use the -h output to generate the Command Explanation on the fly… is that kind of what you’re working on?

(Hardeep Singh) #7

Maybe you’d like to discuss some ideas with Andreas. Who’s working on a similar project.

Here’s the twitter feed we had a conversation on:

Just give him a heads up in the comment and we’ll discuss further ideas :slight_smile: