[Security Zine] - Command Explainer with ASCII Art - Testing and Poll

(Hardeep Singh) #1
        ┌─ Listen for incoming connections.
        │          ┌──────── Redirection operator. Saves command's output 
        │          │         to following filename.
        ┴          │
netcat -l -p 12345 > file.pdf
           ┬ └─┬─┘   └──┬───┘
           │   │        └───────────── Output Filename
           │   └───── Port number
           └─ Specify Port number

I am looking for ways to explain the Linux commands in a much easier and efficient way to the beginners.

Do you like this way of explaning Linux commands?

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  • No

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(D Man) #2

It looks simple and beautiful.

(Hardeep Singh) #3

Thanks for the response and the vote @blackcat

(Jennifer) #4

Very clear what each parts of the command do. Thanks.

(Hardeep Singh) #5

Thanks @jenniferbalestrieri. am also considering a few ways of representation like they do in comics.
I’ll be posting a few examples soon.

So you can share them with a beginner or just peint them out. Would love to see your and @blackcat’s response on that!

(Steven Wells) #6

Oooooh I bet I could implement an on the fly version that would use the -h output to generate the Command Explanation on the fly… is that kind of what you’re working on?

(Hardeep Singh) #7

Maybe you’d like to discuss some ideas with Andreas. Who’s working on a similar project.

Here’s the twitter feed we had a conversation on:

Just give him a heads up in the comment and we’ll discuss further ideas :slight_smile:

(Q Diz) #8

I think your better off showing them all the options and then explain each one. After explaining each one you should show examples.

I can help if you need assistance

(Hardeep Singh) #10

Showing all the options to a beginner can be overwhelming.

I think explaining a few commands in the beginning with their actions is much more helpful in teaching the fundamentals. Then moving towards explaining every option (or showing manual for self discovery) would be beneficial.