Raise Brand Awareness and Boost Passive Income using Server Level Redirects

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Today I started using custom server redirects in my business. This allows me to better present my business whilst generate an extra stream of income.

By following the outlined guidelines you’ll gain the ability to make your business better in the form of

  1. Branding
  2. Usability
  3. Remembrance

I use nginx as my web server. If you happen to use nginx, copy the following code

Syntax: rewrite <Masked URL> <Affiliate Link> last;

location /go/ {
    rewrite ^/go/digitalocean https://m.do.co/c/YOUR_AFF_ID last;
    rewrite ^/go/do https://m.do.co/c/YOUR_AFF_ID last;

Let’s say you run a website named example.com. You add this code in the server {} block of nginx server configuration (/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/YOUR_SITE_CONF).

Replace the URL with your own affiliate URL.

Make sure to validate server configuration (sudo nginx -t) before reloading the configuration (sudo service nginx reload)

After the changes are applied, it will simply redirect to your specified affiliate link.

Acc. to the example code used, the following links will redirect to the digital ocean’s affiliate link:

  1. example.com/go/do

  2. example.com/go/digitalocean

Your site remains light-weight as no plugins are used. Redirects are only performed when requested. No CPU load on the server as well. you can also use the same technique for creating short URLs for the links that you link to the most verbally.

A simple redirect, yet so many possibilities! I’ll leave the creative use for your exploration.

You can share your branded URL on, say, every Podcast you go to, the Guest post you do, or your own website. It’s just easy to remember and establishes brand awareness among readers/listeners/viewers.

In case you are running a Discourse forum like this one, it’s good to have LinkifyTheme component installed. What it does is replace a text string with our desired URL (It even support regex!). So, Linkify + branded redirects can give you some serious income boost from your discourse forum too.

That means, wherever anybody mentions Digital Ocean on your Discourse forum it’ll simply replace the string with your branded URL.

Even if not, at least you always remember your affiliate links and can link to them easily whenever and wherever you are :slight_smile:


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