Looking for more info on the cloud training course

(john) #1

Hi everyone this is my first post so I try to make it as quick as possible. The course has a part where a cloud has to be used, any idea how much more does this part add to the course, it is 300.00 already. Btw to take advantage of the training and learn as much as possible can this part be skipped. Thanks for the info.

(Hardeep Singh) #2

Hi John,

I am Harry, Instructor of the course.

The cloud part is for the convenience and for somewhat I’d call, cost cutting for an organisation. Everything that you do on cloud can easily be done on a real setup without any modifications.

To answer your question about how much more it adds to the course I’d say it helps you create a virtual network with simulated wireless clients and access point where you can test a network without actually investing into the required hardware. You can leverage it to create CTFs for your employees for security awareness training.

Although to take advantage of the training you can easily skip this part without any modifications.

Note that in the community forum we have the “Configuring WiFi Hacking Lab in Cloud” setup active. The actual part of the course which talks about WiFi Hacking is currently being recorded. As this is the beta run of the course I release videos every week.

Also, currently there’s no actionable content in the course apart from the cloud lab series in the forum. So I’d suggest you to make your choice wisely here :slight_smile:

(john) #3

Thanks for the reply to my question, I will love to get some experience on working on the clouds, and will probably gain another set of skills in doing so. Hopefully the complete training course will be available shiortly.

(Hardeep Singh) #4

I’ll update this thread once the training is completed. Meanwhile you can use the forum for asking questions and learning