Kali Linux WIreless Pentesting and Security eBook Reviews

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This is the official review thread for the WiFi hacking eBook by @rootsh3ll

Almost every time you are about to make a purchase, online or offline, you look for the reviews. Reviews are the lifeblood of any product, especially online.

I appreciate all the members of @KLWPS group as the eBook had absolutely zero reviews till the creation of this group. I appreciate all the readers of the eBook for showing interest and faith in @rootsh3ll. This really helped me a lot since. All your help enabled me to do so much more than I ever did.

THANKS A LOT TO ALL OF YOU :slight_smile:

But not everyone is as generous as you guys were. So I am enabling the review section in the group as a dedicated public thread. You can put all your views freely under the topic for the future readers to help make their decision.

Do not write POSITIVE reviews, rather I would like to ask you for HONEST reviews. They are neutral and always helpful for the end-user.

Organize by Tags

You can either reply to this thread as your review, or create a new-topic from the homepage. but,
Do not forget to add ebook-review category tag to your review. So that it integrates all under one category.

Rule of thumb

While writing your review, emphasise: Future Reader(75%) and @rootsh3ll(25%)

Thank you!
@rootsh3ll (Author of KLWPS eBook)