Just got a Pineapple - Looking for some good tutorials

(Josh) #1

I just got my new Wi-Fi Pineapple Nano, and I am looking for some cool things I can do with it.

Got any tutorials for me?

(Hardeep Singh) #2

I currently do not own a pineapple but I have few WiFi hacking guides that can help…
These guides might be helpful:

  1. Setting up the Ultimate Fake AP
  2. Configuring Rogue access point

I’m also planning to post a video course on the ultimate fake AP part. You can sign up here for notification once it gets published

(Brian Waltse) #3

I was looking into this, as i am about to get a wifi pineapple

Derren and Seb do a lot of tutorials both on forums, and on their youtube channels.
also check out wifiphisher which comes with phishing scenarios, and you can find more on their account
You may also want to check out things like php fake ap, node.js dns servers, things of that such. If you looking to do spoofing, then you should check out things like, scapy, and MiTmF. Darren and Seb also did a lets code segment for the pineapple. This all depends on what your doing though, and you may want a 3rd/4th or dual band wireless adapter, as on my computer i have to wireless adapters and i cannot use internet while spoofing, and i also have limited attack area/capability.

(Hardeep Singh) #4

If your wireless card supports master mode and interface virtualisation, you can actually perform sniffing while being connected to the Internet cia WiFi using the same card, simultaneously!

Type iw list in terminal and check possible interface combinations with the card.
See the output of iw list under valid interface combinations section:

 valid interface combinations:       * #{ managed, P2P-client } <= 2, #{ AP, mesh point, P2P-GO } <= 2,      total <= 2, #channels <= 1

If you see something similar, you are good to go.