Evil Twin Attack (A Step by Step Guide)

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Originally published at: http://rootsh3ll.com/evil-twin-attack/

“A Fake WiFi access point is a wireless access point that has been installed on a secure network without explicit authorization from a local network administrator, whether added by a well-meaning employee or by a malicious attacker.”

Fake WiFi access point is often called as: Rogue access point, or Evil Twin Attack

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(Felipe) #3

just install fluxion and its run everithing for you

(Hardeep Singh) #4

and explains nothing.

(Felipe) #5

(Hardeep Singh) #6

If you are serious about wireless pentesting and security, you need to understand how the system works. Fluxion is good for a quicky, not to teach.

(squishy) #7

@neperz bro knowing how the attack and just running a program and clicking things is totally worlds apart, just my one cent. :slight_smile:

(Felipe) #8

Congratulations for the article, it is very enlightening, I only contributes to those like me who do not have much experience