Best Scammer Ever!

(Hardeep Singh) #1

The scammer did a follow up the next day. I have posted an update in the comments. read here: Best Scammer Ever!

(Hardeep Singh) #2

someone plis help me get out of this bioggest probl;e or he’s gonna shith on my life :sweat::sweat:

(squishy) #3

lol, best way is to reply to them if you have time. check this out

(Hardeep Singh) #4

Amazing video and a good message. Reply to them and waste their time. That will keep them busy and prevent from spamming an innocent one. :+1:

I told mine to “not do this with me and I am innocent” :smile:
Waiting for a response…

(Hardeep Singh) #5


So, this Scammer made a little mistake this time:

He sent the first scam email (screenshot above) from the email ID:

Obviously, he wants to F me up! makes sense to him.

I replied to his email: “Please don;t do this to me. I am innocent”

To which he is replying from his (probably main) gmail ID.

The only thing I suspect is the email forwarding. I use email forwarding for my ID to my main Gmail. but he used both gmail account.

So, it’s not an accidental “reply”. But a manually typed email.

Maybe he forgot to switch his scamming email ID that he uses to scam all the Hardeep’s in this world!

and sent me a new email with new subject (previous email subject: Fuck you Hardeep) from main gmail ID.

But, what intrigues me is the information below:

  1. He commented on my Google+ post first: (see last comment from Matthew McGhee)

  2. He started following me on Google+ :unamused: dafuq?

  3. I googled his ID "" with quotes which resulted in one search:

This page suggests that he is probably a manager of some mtmh Enterprise LLC.

hmmmm… A manager… with RIP English. Brings out a disbelief in me.

Didn’t go further deep into the recon. But we should hook him up. Let’s see how far can we go :smiley:

What should I reply to his “Dumb Fuck” email?

Post your suggestions. best one will be forwarded.

@squishy @kaigner @MrEcom What could be the best ever response to this email? :smile:

(squishy) #6

nice one!!! your on a roll.
my suggestion would be, go hard!! tell him that how would you know that he is the real THING!!! ask him to send you a pic of him with a shoe on his head or other thing like maybe ask him to donate to some random charity and send you the receipt to verify that he is legit :smiley:
Sky is the limit!!! heheheh good luck!!!

(Hardeep Singh) #7

Hahaa… asked him to put on a shoe on his head to prove he’s the REAL deal.

Waiting for a response :sweat_smile:

(Hardeep Singh) #8

Man, his english is giving me cancer :sweat:

(klaus) #9

do the same, but in Klingon or Cyrillic or Mandarin or … :wink:

(Hardeep Singh) #10

Haha… i did talk just about anything but he is on another level. :smile: So I ended up reporting him as spam and phishing both.

Got to focus on the course after all. Can’t spend all day long on these guys.