Assigning Interfaces of WiFiPhisher manually

(Joshep) #1

I have two wireless adapters:

  1. Internal wlan0
  2. External wlan1
    When i run wifiphisher, it automatically assigns wlan1 for deauthentication and wlan0 as rogue access point. Since my external adapter(wlan1) is more powerful than wlan0
    I just want wifiphisher to use wlan0 for deathentication and wlan1 as rogue access point.

(Hardeep Singh) #2

Have you read the help menu?wifiphisher -h

From what I’ve gathered, it says you can define your Jamming interface and AP Interface seperately from command line:

-h, --help|show this help message and exit|
-s SKIP, --skip SKIP|Skip deauthing this MAC address. Example: -s 00:11:BB:33:44:AA|

-jI JAMMINGINTERFACE, --jamminginterface JAMMINGINTERFACE|Manually choose an interface that supports monitor mode for deauthenticating the victims. Example: -jI wlan1|
-aI APINTERFACE, --apinterface APINTERFACE|Manually choose an interface that supports AP mode for spawning an AP. Example: -aI wlan0|

-t TIMEINTERVAL, --timeinterval TIMEINTERVAL|Choose the time interval between DEAUTH packets being sent|
-dP DEAUTHPACKETS, --deauthpackets DEAUTHPACKETS|Choose the number of packets to send in each deauth burst. Default value is 1; 1 packet to the client and 1 packet to the AP. Send 2 deauth packets to the client and 2 deauth packets to the AP: -p 2|
-d, --directedonly|Skip the deauthentication packets to the broadcast address ofthe access points and only send them to client/AP pairs|
-nJ, --nojamming|Skip the deauthentication phase. When this option is used, only one wireless interface is required|
-e ESSID, --essid ESSID|Enter the ESSID of the rogue Access Point. This option will skip Access Point selection phase. Example: --essid 'Free WiFi'|
-p PHISHINGSCENARIO, --phishingscenario PHISHINGSCENARIO|Choose the phishing scenario to run.This option will skip the scenario selection phase. Example: -p firmware_upgrade|
-pK PRESHAREDKEY, --presharedkey PRESHAREDKEY|Add WPA/WPA2 protection on the rogue Access Point. Example: -pK s3cr3tp4ssw0rd|

Either you can read the help menu for desired command
Syntax: <COMMANDNAME> -h, for this example: wifiphisher -h or wifiphisher --help

or simply read the manual of that command for detailed description of everything.

Command: man wifiphisher.

Usually you’ll discover the required solution there only and that’s the way to be successful and independent in the long run :slight_smile:

(Hardeep Singh) #3