Alfa AWUSO36NHA Atheros AR9271


Guys… Does anyone know how to bring this card into it’s highest dBm/mW? I could not bring it up, I tried switching its region to US and BO… and still, I didn’t get any good result. I even got into editing my crda…and It’s still in 20 dBm which is the default, right?..

(Harry) #2

Removing the restrictions could be illegal in your country. Do it at your own risk

Setting the region to BO will push the card in the 30dBm range, though the AWUS036NHA usually operates at 800 mW (29 dBm)

Rather try setting the txpower directly, and see if that works for you

iwconfig wlan0 txpower 29

(Martin n) #3

Roomer has it! That this ‘Txpower’ tweak dosen’t make any difference at all!
Its just for show!

Personal opinion! Is! one time i made this work on kali Linux But actually i felt a huge performance drop by setting it to 30 dbm.

How Can 1000 of websites tell the same procedure, and have magic patches and still all faill! Maybe its a blind trusting way to destribute backdoors! To all pennys with wifi feaver??

Just a thought

(Harry) #4

I disagree!

here’s my personal experience:

I live in a 3 floor building. 3rd is actually roof with a little room where the router resides. I faced no issues with my belkin router as it had longer antennas and maybe higher power transmissions.

but the day I seitched my router with tp link I saw that the signals weren’t reaching at the geound floor. I decided to flash the router and increase the tx power.
Installed openwrt on the tp link router. increased the power to max txpower possible.
and never had the signal issue again.

and just for information. I didn’t change router’s location by even a centimetre. It does make a difference. practically. without any backdoor.

Also, there’s no possible scenario for the backdoor since all the commands used for raising the txpower are installed by default on every Linux subsystem as a part of the coreutils package

In your case maybe the machine wasn’t powerful enough to provide enough boltage to card to operate at much higher txpower. try another machine.

better use a WiFi analyser graphic visualiser and see (at some distance) whether you see power increase them or not.