About Entrepreneurship Category

(Hardeep Singh) #1

An Entrepreneur is a person who runs his or her own business.

He knows every aspect of his business top to bottom and does almost all of the dirty work by himself first. For when the business grows he hires people so that he can offload the work he has been doing all along to stay focused on the goal he dedicated his time/efforts/energies and life towards.

This category is created to help the content-creator, designer, server administrator in you. In short, for the Entrepreneur in you who never settles. Who stays young forever. When the body keeps getting older, but the Entrepreneurial mind stays young. Stays curious. Stay Young

This category is created to share your personal experiences as an Entrepreneur with the world. Experiences that can help fellow Entrepreneurs make a better impact from their work. Experiences that can teach others to become more efficient.

Use this category to learn from other people’s good as well as bad experiences. Share with people what you are doing that is making your own business better in any way. Share technical details, don’t hesitate about the level of the reader. A person willing to learn will eventually understand what you want to say. Just raise awareness.

We all are the same people, who think in the same way, doing different work. The only difference is of awareness. One knows others doesn’t. So, share your stories. Show your technical side to the people who are like you at their core.

Learn from an Entrepreneur, teach an Entrepreneur to become a better Entrepreneur!

To begin with this, I shared what I do to raise brand awareness and boost my passive income. Read it here and try to implement in your business as well.

Add enhancements, ask questions. Keep looking. Stay curious!

And always remember, You can never lose if you are always learning.